Health & Safety

One of the most important aspects of any kind of scaffolding erection is considering health and safety at every stage of the job.

Carefully planned, structurally sound and safe scaffolding is a guarantee with Another Level Scaffolding Ltd. Without following these essential aspects of the job the results can be financially expensive and potentially life threatening.

Our adherence to safe working practices is the key to starting any job and is our constant focus from planning to erection to dismantling.

We operate a rigorous health and safety policy which includes the following aspects:

  1. Checks for safe (firm and level) foundations
  2. Time planning to avoid construction during busy periods (in conjunction with the client)
  3. Avoidance of power lines and other electrical hazards
  4. British Standards equipment (all equipment is checked on a regular basis)
  5. Safety barriers at all heights
  6. Careful incorporation of ladders and lifts
  7. All necessary tie-offs and supports
  8. Scheduled weekly checks on the structure

Our team carry out a full survey before erecting scaffolding to find workarounds for any potential problems like power lines or unleveled or potentially dangerous foundations.

Ladders, load weights and supports are carefully considered throughout the design and ensure that our erection teams are fully conversant with the latest health and safety legislation. Good practice and compliance are attended to throughout the erection .

For a free estimate get in touch with Another Level Scaffolding Ltd and we will advise you on any potential Health and Safety issues that must be adhered to.

All our scaffolding conforms to U.K. standards and has U.K. certificates, such as BS1139, EN74A and EN74B.

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