ALS’s Health & Safety Policy has been prepared to comply with the statutory requirements of Section 2(3) of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act (1974). For our full Health & Safety Policy please click the link above.


We recognise that this is essential for the adequate implementation of our policies relating to the safety, health and welfare of stakeholders and others who may be impacted by our activities.

Adequate control of risk can only be achieved through co-ordinated action by all members of the organisation.

Consequently, the planning section of this document (download full documentation pdf ) is intended to aid the business to adequately plan to control risks, react to changing demands and sustain positive health and safety attitudes and behaviours throughout the business.


Is the delivery element of our management system and this is intended to introduce the protection mechanisms and practices that will help us to protect people with a sensible, responsible and proportionate approach to matters of health, safety and welfare.


Is the element of our management system that details how we will check that we are managing risks adequately. This will extend to pro-active activity monitoring and health surveillance etc (where appropriate) and reactively in the form of accident and incident investigation etc.


Reviewing our performance is the element that will drive continual improvement within the business and this will extend to an annual review meeting with our retained H&S advisors which will consider business impact events and industry developments etc and will review the effectiveness of our policies and procedures through consideration of monitoring reports.