ALS have plenty of experience installing a wide variety of temporary scaffold roofs in all sorts of locations.


Temporary roofs cover a wide range of sizes and job requirements from cover on a small area of construction to containing an entire building.

Temporary roofs are often required where construction work will be unduly affected by the ingress of weather.

This can be with regard to delayed works and very tight deadlines, or due to the materials being used on site needing to stay dry.

ALS can plan with you to set up  very flexible temporary roof scaffolding allowing for speedy erection and dismantling where access to areas might be required on a specific day. 

We can plan with you to make sure construction works do not get delayed by bad weather or an unsuitable external climate.


  • Temporary roofs, shelters, buildings and workshops
  • Mobile roofs – roll out
  • Long term temporary roofs
  • Portal frames and bridged access
  • Mono or duo-pitched roofs
  • Weather protection and encapsulation
  • Protection decks and suspended access
  • Emergency requirements – ideal for fire damage or insurance needs
  • 24/7 site working requirements
  • Safe erection procedures – using collective fall prevention
  • Static or mobile roofs or shelters
  • Fully systemised lacing and bracing
  • Fully designed removable openings anywhere along the entire roof
    3.05m bays for maximum economy
    Huge stock of 780mm alloy beams
    Wide spans achievable – up to 40 m